Monday, March 15, 2010

SEO Elite

The method has been developed by Brad Callen, author of Adwords Made Easy and other products such as Keyword Elite. SEO Elite is a constantly upgraded system; currently it is in its 4.0 version.

Benefits of SEO Elite

SEO Elite is a software application that trains people on what they must do in order to achieve top positions on major search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN. In fact, the program promises to take websites to the number 1 position on these websites.

The program is designed as an easy course that takes people through a step by step method to understand how to go about pumping up their SEO.

The education provided by SEO Elite tells people why some websites get top ranked and why some just smolder and die, no matter what efforts are put into them.

There is a detailed description of the little tweaks and changes that must be made in websites so that they can rise above the competition on the search engines.

SEO Elite shows how you can keep track of your competitors' sites and actually make efforts to incorporate their best aspects in your site so that it ranks highly too.

The method is cent percent legal and even approved by the search engines. Most of the changes you will be making will be in the website itself and all these will be within the legal guidelines set by the search engines.

What's Unique about SEO Elite?

There are many things unique about SEO Elite. Though it is not the first program that explains people how to rank highly on search engines, this one does it in a manner that is simple enough for almost anybody to understand, even if they are completely nontechnical folk. The program has been designed for amateur people who do not know much about the Internet yet.

Also, the product helps boost search engine ratings on all three search engines – Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Most similar products target only one search engine at a time. Keeping that in mind, SEO Elite is really an elite program.

Other Features

Most products charge an arm and a leg for such a service, but the SEO Elite is very modestly priced at $47. It is a single software package which can be downloadable from the Internet. The low price is already attracting several people to Brad Callen's SEO Elite.

Also, there is a solid eight weeks money back guarantee with the product. If the user tries out the product and is not completely satisfied with it, they can ask for a full refund and no questions will be asked.

Payment options are numerous. All major cards are accepted and payments are also taken through PayPal and electronic checks. There is a 24 hour helpdesk if users have any problems that need clarification.


Commission Blueprint

The technique has been developed by North Carolina based Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey, two avid Internet marketers who do not speak much about what their program has achieved.

They have $30,000 a month themselves using the methods enlisted here, and that too by selling only one product. The technique was released on August 27, 2008.

Benefits of Commission Blueprint

Commission Blueprint unleashes the power of Google Adwords upon Clickbank products to enable users make a whirlwind income.

There are different aspects included in the Commission Blueprint. People who sign up for the program will be able to learn how to select the Clickbank products that are highly lucrative, how to select the right kinds of keywords, how to create extremely high conversion rate templates, how to select the right kinds of domains to advertise the product and how to buy some cheap clicks that can really set the ball rolling. Hence, there is some comprehensive knowledge here.

It is designed in the form of an online educational program which trains people in a step by step manner to move toward their success with their Clickbank marketing.

There are 14 high definition videos included in the course which provide a very detailed view of things and several first person perspectives of the product.

The three main parts of Commission Blueprint are opt-in page secrets (that deal with how people can build their own highly populated opt-in lists), presell page secrets and review page secrets.

The bonuses included on Commission Blueprint in the form of templates, etc. are worth up to $200.

What's Unique about Commission Blueprint?

The main unique feature about Commission Blueprint is its novelty. For the first time, you have a product that taps in Google Adwords to promote Clickbank products in the most efficient manner ever, making five figure incomes a month, even for newbie entrepreneurs. Because of the online course-like style that it follows, the technique becomes easy for people to learn, which is quite unlike some of the more technical methods available out there on the Internet.

Other Features

The Commission Blueprint is a set of 14 videos and 3 manual presentations, each of which walk the entrepreneur toward making their thousands of dollars through selling Commission Blueprint products.

The entire product is currently available at $97 and is scheduled to increase to $297. The low price is a holiday discount. It includes all the videos and manuals within the package. The price may appear steep but considering what Commission Blueprint will give to the user, it does not seem much.

The support system of the website is quite good, there is instant access into the website and all its services at any time of the day. All kinds of payment modes are accepted too, including debit and credit cards and PayPal. The website is 128 bit SSL secure and is also an Adwords qualified individual.


Get Google Ads Free

The developer of this technique is Dr. Jon Cohen, an MD who has now retired and is big-time into Internet marketing.This product has made Dr. Cohen a millionaire several times over and now with this course, he wishes to spread the knowledge among other persons.

Benefits of Get Google Ads Free

The greatest advantage with Get Google Ads Free is the fact that people can get ads without actually having to spend any money on them. Google is the best online affiliate advertising service and such a feature can be a great shot in the arm to newbie Internet entrepreneurs for whom the high costs of Google advertising is a major stumbling block.

The second benefit is the kind of system used. It is a completely legal method and even Google has given its nod for this method to be used by people from all over the world.

The system does not use Google Adwords credits or any kind of voucher system.

The system allows people to select whatever keywords they want and then bid as highly as they want on those keywords, thus firing up their incomes through affiliate advertising.

Also, it allows people to set up high daily budgets. Apart from the practical benefit of this, it allows people to rank highly on search engines.

It allows entrepreneurs to sell any number of products and start any number of websites without any difficulty.

What's Unique about Get Google Ads Free?

The name says it all. There has never been any product before that has promised people to get their Google ads for free and at least there has never been such a product that has been approved of by Google itself. Get Google Ads Free wins on both counts. Also, this program is designed as a step by step course, which allows even newbie entrepreneurs to make their profits just as a top marketer would. People have made thousands of dollars each month using this method.

Other Features
The product is available at a very decent price of $67 which is a steep drop from its original price of $297. The huge discount is expected to last for five more days, after which the price will be pumped back to $297. The website sells the product like hotcakes, especially because of the low price put up currently.

The support system has been proved to be excellent. There is always a reply within 24 hours. The support system is functional throughout the day, ensuring no wasted time, wherever in the world you are.

In addition, there is an ironclad eight weeks money back guarantee in order to pacify people who are not convinced about the product. If the product is found to be unsatisfactory within this period of time, the person stands to get a full refund without any questions being asked.


Google Ambush

The income promised by using the method is awesome, going up to five figure sums per month. The Google Ambush product already has a customer base of 20,000 people and is growing with each passing day.

Benefits of Google Ambush

The Google Ambush is not a single technique or method, but a blend of various strategies to fire up Clickbank products through Google. As the visibility of the Clickbank products increases enormously, the number of sales increases too and the person stands to win a great deal of commission.

There is nothing illegal or immoral about using Google Ambush. The product makes use of the techniques already described in Clickbank and Google Adwords guidelines to make the most sales.

The method helps users understand what niche they must select that will bring in the best of profits to them.

There is an explanation of how to select the right kinds of keywords to enhance the business prospects, which does not just entail putting together thousands of keywords through an automated software program.

The next advantage with this program is that it explains people how they should convert the keywords they have come up with into suitable advertisements that can help to bring the large volume of traffic to their website.

There is a method to generate automatic landing pages also, which is done through using Google friendly methods so that the SEO of the page rises.

What's Unique about Google Ambush?

The technique explained in Google Ambush itself is the most novel aspect of the whole program. People know that Clickbank can make serious sums of money, but there are very few who actually know how to go about it. Google Ambush walks people through these secrets, baring one myth after another, and telling people what exactly they must do in order to fire up their Clickbank product sales.

The other interesting aspect about Google Ambush is that you do not leave anything to chance. In most PPC techniques, people cannot track their progress and have to guess at what they need to do in order to reach their target. However, with Google Ambush there is an automatic tracking system that allows a very easy method to carry out such trials.

Other Features

Google Ambush is available on a membership basis. Its current cost is $77 a month, but it is expected to rise as soon as the holiday season is over. The program being a step by step coaching program, this is a highly low cost considering online educational programs charge much more, especially for such moneymaking endeavors. The membership can be canceled at any time.

There is also a trial offer available for a period of sixty days. There is a full money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the product. Payment is through credit cards and it is a 128 bit SSL secure website with guaranteed privacy to customers.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole

The product has been designed by Chris Rempel ( and Dave Kelley ( in joint collaboration. Chris Rempel is famous for his previous product The Conduit Method also, and Dave Kelley is known for Linkvana.

Benefits of The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole taps a defect in the search engine algorithms in order to bring websites to the top of the rankings.

It is specially designed for the MSN search engine.

The method does not do anything illegal. It is completely white hat.

There are various things that The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole contains. This product has an eBook, an automating software applications, blogs (for which the program shows how to generate content), links to several websites and a particular kind of web hosting that can target some special IP addresses for the website that can improve its ranking.

The method described in this product is a long lasting method. It will not give just a temporary spurt to your website rankings, but they will stay there for a long time.

The search engine rankings are improved through any keyword that the author chooses.

The improvement in the search engines using this technique becomes apparent within a short time, as short as 5 days.

What's Unique about The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole?

Everything about The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is unique because it is a never-before concept. It is a guaranteed technique to bring your website to the top of MSN, even as the first result. Though MSN pales in comparison with Google, it is still used by a significant number of users, which makes this technique valuable.

The best thing about The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is that it is perfectly legal. You are not tweaking the system in any way; you are only making use of a defect in MSN's own system. This cannot be considered illegal by any counts.

Also, the method puts a paid to keyword based SEO. Any keyword can be used by marketers – there is also a list of noncompetitive impossible keywords present on the website – which marketers can use in order to boost their search engine rankings on MSN.

Other Features

The price of The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is a bit steep at $67 considering that it works only for MSN, but even then it is worth considering because a significant number of people from over the world use MSN as their primary search engine. However, this is a onetime payment to use this technique for life, for any number of websites. There are no recurring payments to be made. Payment is accepted through Clickbank. Any credit card is applicable.