Monday, March 15, 2010

Commission Blueprint

The technique has been developed by North Carolina based Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey, two avid Internet marketers who do not speak much about what their program has achieved.

They have $30,000 a month themselves using the methods enlisted here, and that too by selling only one product. The technique was released on August 27, 2008.

Benefits of Commission Blueprint

Commission Blueprint unleashes the power of Google Adwords upon Clickbank products to enable users make a whirlwind income.

There are different aspects included in the Commission Blueprint. People who sign up for the program will be able to learn how to select the Clickbank products that are highly lucrative, how to select the right kinds of keywords, how to create extremely high conversion rate templates, how to select the right kinds of domains to advertise the product and how to buy some cheap clicks that can really set the ball rolling. Hence, there is some comprehensive knowledge here.

It is designed in the form of an online educational program which trains people in a step by step manner to move toward their success with their Clickbank marketing.

There are 14 high definition videos included in the course which provide a very detailed view of things and several first person perspectives of the product.

The three main parts of Commission Blueprint are opt-in page secrets (that deal with how people can build their own highly populated opt-in lists), presell page secrets and review page secrets.

The bonuses included on Commission Blueprint in the form of templates, etc. are worth up to $200.

What's Unique about Commission Blueprint?

The main unique feature about Commission Blueprint is its novelty. For the first time, you have a product that taps in Google Adwords to promote Clickbank products in the most efficient manner ever, making five figure incomes a month, even for newbie entrepreneurs. Because of the online course-like style that it follows, the technique becomes easy for people to learn, which is quite unlike some of the more technical methods available out there on the Internet.

Other Features

The Commission Blueprint is a set of 14 videos and 3 manual presentations, each of which walk the entrepreneur toward making their thousands of dollars through selling Commission Blueprint products.

The entire product is currently available at $97 and is scheduled to increase to $297. The low price is a holiday discount. It includes all the videos and manuals within the package. The price may appear steep but considering what Commission Blueprint will give to the user, it does not seem much.

The support system of the website is quite good, there is instant access into the website and all its services at any time of the day. All kinds of payment modes are accepted too, including debit and credit cards and PayPal. The website is 128 bit SSL secure and is also an Adwords qualified individual.