Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole

The product has been designed by Chris Rempel ( and Dave Kelley ( in joint collaboration. Chris Rempel is famous for his previous product The Conduit Method also, and Dave Kelley is known for Linkvana.

Benefits of The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole taps a defect in the search engine algorithms in order to bring websites to the top of the rankings.

It is specially designed for the MSN search engine.

The method does not do anything illegal. It is completely white hat.

There are various things that The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole contains. This product has an eBook, an automating software applications, blogs (for which the program shows how to generate content), links to several websites and a particular kind of web hosting that can target some special IP addresses for the website that can improve its ranking.

The method described in this product is a long lasting method. It will not give just a temporary spurt to your website rankings, but they will stay there for a long time.

The search engine rankings are improved through any keyword that the author chooses.

The improvement in the search engines using this technique becomes apparent within a short time, as short as 5 days.

What's Unique about The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole?

Everything about The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is unique because it is a never-before concept. It is a guaranteed technique to bring your website to the top of MSN, even as the first result. Though MSN pales in comparison with Google, it is still used by a significant number of users, which makes this technique valuable.

The best thing about The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is that it is perfectly legal. You are not tweaking the system in any way; you are only making use of a defect in MSN's own system. This cannot be considered illegal by any counts.

Also, the method puts a paid to keyword based SEO. Any keyword can be used by marketers – there is also a list of noncompetitive impossible keywords present on the website – which marketers can use in order to boost their search engine rankings on MSN.

Other Features

The price of The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is a bit steep at $67 considering that it works only for MSN, but even then it is worth considering because a significant number of people from over the world use MSN as their primary search engine. However, this is a onetime payment to use this technique for life, for any number of websites. There are no recurring payments to be made. Payment is accepted through Clickbank. Any credit card is applicable.